Property Sales Management Software

Add / Edit Listings

Property Tab

Listing and category details

  • Property Style & Type - See how panels change when selecting different Property Styles
  • Listing Method & Type
  • Status of your Listing

Property Details

  • Land & Building Size (m² / Hectare)
  • When selecting a commercial / industrial property style you are able to calculate the cost of the building per area / m ² of the building
  • Rates & Taxes; Monthly Levies
  • Property Address (This information is kept confidential and is only available to view by Super Users)

Selling / Renting Price

  • Enter the selling or rental price of the property
  • Enter the date of the last confirmed selling price from the owner
  • For rentals: select the available date & whether or not the property is fully furnished and if Pets are allowed
  • For Commercial / Industrial rentals: You have the option to advertise the rental per month or rental per m². Enter Lease details: lease period; deposit; escalation % ; lease includes & excludes

Commission Calculator

  • Nett / Gross Selling Price
  • Nett / Gross commission Amount
  • Choose to include or exclude VAT in your calculations


  • Select up to 4 Agents who are involved in the listing

List Current Tenant Details

  • Name & Contact Details
  • Notice Period & Lease End Date
  • Current Rental Amount (pm)

Advertising Board Details

Listing and category details
Owner Details Tab

Owner Details Tab


  • Full Name & Greeting Name
  • Receive birthday reminders by entering the date of birth / ID number and send your client an email or sms wishing them a Happy Birthday.
  • Enter the owner's VAT number

Spouse / Partner

  • Full Name & Greeting name
  • Receive birthday reminders by entering the date of birth / ID number and send your client's spouse or partner an email or sms wishing them a Happy Birthday.
  • Contact details

Contact Details

  • Postal & Physical Address
  • Contact details: Email address; cell phone/work/home/fax numbers & Skype ID
  • Keep track of how the owner came to hear about your services by selecting the source of business.

Mandate Details

Viewing Details

Notes / History Tab


  • Record notes & set Action Dates for follow-up and receive Reminders on your dashboard & in your Daily Alerts email.

Email & SMS

  • View Email & SMS history
  • Resend / Forward previously sent emails
  • Use the shortcut Email / SMS buttons at the bottom of the Add / Edit listing page to quickly send a message to the owner or agent of the listing.
Listing and category details
Features Tab

Features Tab

Title & Description

  • Add the Title & Description for your listing & brochure

Residential Features

  • Numeric Features & Yes / No Options
  • Select the various features for your residential listing
  • Use the Additional Info blocks to describe some of the features

Industrial / Commercial Features

  • See how the features tab changes when different property styles are chosen.
  • Add your own features to the Features Library and easily transfer the selected features to the Description field.
  • View the building areas and a breakdown of the rent for those areas
  • Add the Power Type; Zoning and Building Height of your listing

Internet Tab

Property Display & Overlays

  • Display Property - do you want your listing to display online?
  • Featured Property - would you like your listing displayed as a featured property on your home page?
  • On Show Property - enter the date & time of the show day
  • Choose from different property overlays which will appear on the main image of your listing

Data Feeds

  • Select the property portal websites you wish to feed your listing to

Google Mapping

  • Choose to display your property's exact address or just the suburb / area on Google Maps.
  • Users have the option to use GPS co-ordinates if Google Maps does not pick up the entered address.
  • Navigate to "What's My GPS" if Google Maps is not picking up the entered address and if you do not have the co-ordinates.

Virtual Tour

  • Add a video to your listing by inserting the video URL link.
Internet Tab
Owner Details Tab

Photos Tab

Photo Handling / Display

  • Upload images from your device / desktop
  • Upload up to 24 jpeg photos
  • Change the sort order of your photos
  • Add / delete photos

Brochures Tab

  • Choose from different brochure templates
  • Preview brochures onscreen
  • Download and print brochures for marketing and office use
Listing and category details