Estate Agency Software

Property Solutions is a division of The DataTrac Group which offers comprehensive estate and managing agency services, as summarised below. For more information, click on the images to visit the various websites.

Sales & Rentals, Residential and Commercial, Marketing and Management

This is a comprehensive listing, management and CRM system for sellers/buyers and landlords/tenants which couples to our responsive website designing. Data feeds to the key portals form an integral part of this service

Responsive Website Designing

In today's technology driven times, the need for data to be accessible anywhere, anytime and be viewable conveniently on different devices is becoming increasingly important. Our responsive website template caters for these needs

Website Updates

One of the distinguishing features of our website designing compared with our competitors is that as we adapt to technological changes and improve our master template, we dynamically update our Clients' websites at no additional cost, at the same time and ongoing.

Data Feeds

We have improved our data feed services to provide greater reliability for your listings uploading successfully to the key portals being Prop 24, Private Property and IOL Property. For clients using Property Solutions to manage their listings, we have also enhanced our reporting capability enabling you to easily track which listings are showing in your own website, on the various portals and their respective reference numbers.

Domain and Email Services

We also provide domain name registration and renewal services and email services coupled to your domain.

Financial Cloud Accounting and Online Rentals Management

This is a full financial accounting application and can be used by any business in any industry. Our approach has been to go beyond typical financial accounting applications by including features such as attractive and useful dashboards and notice boards, reminders, alerts and very importantly, our Task Manager module with extensive capability. We also cater in this application for credit control functionality, online document management and recording functionality for notes, emailing and sms handling. Visit the above URL for more info including rates.

In addition, FinTrac includes as an optional extra, a rentals management module for clients who wish to manage all the financial aspects of their agencies (trust, investment and business accounts) in a single application.

Body Corporate / Home Owners Association... Simplified

Born out of a group of companies who have established backgrounds in the fields of Accounting, Communications, Sectional Title Management, Home Owners Association Management and Software Development and Website Designing, we identified the need for an Online Web Based Solution which can meet the requirements from single users to small, medium and large organisations. Our focus was to create a user friendly, professional product yielding accurate and concise information as well as a managed communications program. To this end we are proud to present to you our BCMTrac solution.