Getting Started


  1. The entry page is
  2. On our home page, click on the Register link and complete and submit the online registration form. Note that there are five mandatory fields highlighted with red asterisks (*) which must be filled as well as the Captcha text. The info for the remaining fields can either be entered before or after you register. The system checks whether your eMail address is already on record and will not allow duplicates.
  3. After we have activated your registration, you will receive an email containing your Agency login details. Please note that registrations are processed during normal business hours, Monday to Friday. If you urgently require your registration to be activated after hours, please send an sms to 082 325 3130 and we will endeavour to assist but don't undertake to do so.

Login Procedure

  1. Click on the Agency Login in the right top corner. Enter your Agency ID, User Name and Password which would have been advised by email. Click on Login to continue.
  2. Once you have entered the Agency back office screen, you will be able to edit your Agency Profile and login details, if you wish.
  3. Also, in the Agency back office screen, you can manage which agents have access to the website and their status via the Manage Agents menu option. Note, the Super User checkbox which enables you to give certain people in your organisation such as administration personnel access to all listings so that they can do work on behalf of your agents, if you wish.
  4. Click on Logout to leave the Agency back office screen which will return you to the home page of our website.
  5. Click on Agent Login and enter your Agency ID, agent User Name and agent Password which will take you to the Agent’s back office. You’re now ready to go!